Website Translation, Homepage Translation

Your website is like a business card you present to the world. It is the platform through which you introduce your company or organization to a broader audience – indeed to the whole world. Translating a website is an intricate process which requires experience in marketing and a detailed knowledge and understanding of the industry-specific terminology, whether you are a pharmaceuticals manufacturer, tourist regions, or law firm. Text optimized for search engines is also becoming increasingly essential.

More than half of web-users speak a language other than English. This fact has given rise to an increasing need for multilingual websites, which requires fresh and dynamic content in several different languages. The Business Translator also carries out content translation projects for multilingual websites.

Our team has translated numerous websites and a has a great deal of expertise in the field. If required, we can also update your website. Please do not hesitate to contact us at office(at) with any queries or for a quote.

For precision and in order to maintain the truth of the message, translating website content requires a need assessment (to see if partial or full content translation is required, whether images/graphics need to be recreated or translated, etc.). Other important factors to keep in mind regarding the translation of websites is whether a site is ready to be translated into other languages (internationalization) and how updates in the content with be reflected in the translated versions (multilingual content management).